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One of the most important components of your college application is the ESSAY. Your essay is your opportunity to set you apart from the hundreds of other applicants who have comparable GPAs and SAT scores. A well written and insightful essay is the key to gaining that acceptance letter.

Our College Professors have successfully helped students to write and edit college essays. Over the years, we have opened the doors of the most prestigious colleges and universities for our students. Make your essay Tangible!

We recommend private sessions for college essay due to sensitivity of the material:


What to expect: On first session, student will acquire information on writing successful essays, engage in one-on-one brainstorming and drafting outlines. On second and third sessions, students will add content and go through several drafts. In last session, students will edit and finalize the essays. We will focus on the Common Application essay throughout; however, well prepared students will be able to successfully write a common essay and a supplemental essay.

Students: Please keep in mind that the draft you bring to the first class helps the teacher to understand your writing skills and thought process. It is very common that the final essay includes only a small part of the first draft as we find more personal and relevant information that gives a better insight to the admission officers. Please don’t assume that the topic you drafted on will be the final essay topic. We will guide you to surface real YOU, realize your potential, and produce the best possible application essay, one you will be proud of!

Students are expected to bring a laptop to the 3rd and 4th sessions. Absolutely no laptops will be allowed on 1st session. Please print and bring hard copies of your essay draft and a list of all activities, accomplishments, strengths, weaknesses, and events that have influenced you the most. Moments you can not forget, regrets, the most important lessons learned, values make you who you are, the happiest moments are all core elements of a winning essay.

We understand and honor student confidentiality.


Price is $175/h for private essay tutoring

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