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“Thanks to Tangi teachers, my son loves math! He has been struggling since the 3rd grade. We moved him from public school to private school but still could not help him to reach his potential. Two weeks at Tangi was enough to change his attitude and improve his confidence. He can’t wait to go back to Tangi every week. Tangi teachers are experienced and professional and the director is most caring. We will stick with the center as long as we live around.

Parent of a 8th grader, Watertown, MA

Absolutely fantastic experience for our son, the group tutoring and the one on one. His scores changed and he gained confidence. The staff are extremely patient and experienced. The experience as a whole was very professional, organized and friendly. We will definitely be returning with our younger son.

Parent of a 12th grader, Lexington, MA

I had a very very VERY positive experience at Tangi. I started just going for SAT prep but over the course of high school I also went for AP/SAT Chem, SAT Math II, SAT Literature, and my college essay.
What I really liked about Tangi was that even in classes it was very personalized to what I needed to know. If I didn’t understand something, Dr. Yatin/the other tutors would find another way to teach it until I understood it. Also they really understood what my strengths and weaknesses were and they targeted those. For instance, Dr. Yatin knew specifically that I needed more work on geometry problems with 3D pyramids.
I felt very prepared for the tests and going into them I felt like I had seen every possible problem. There is really a very high quality of tutoring at Tangi.

K. Z., College Student, Wellesley, MA

Even though it was a teacher at Belmont High School who gave us your name…it was SP, your student, who raved about your math tutoring that made me call you originally. One thing that distinguished Tangi from HLC when I originally talked to them was that they had no idea what I was talking about when I said my daughter had working memory/organizational issues. They honestly admitted learning disabilities where not in their realm. You, however, were already tailoring your expected approach to my daughters tutoring as we talked.

BY THE WAY – SHE WENT UP 150 Points!!!! We are so excited. Best of all, her self-esteem is up, up, up. She feels good and that will make the application process easier on her. So thank you for all your help and support.

C.D., Belmont High School Parent of a 12th grader

I scored 2310 (760 CR, 800M, 750 W). Remember the triangle I was having hard time with and you said I must learn to solve because a question like that can make the difference between 750 and 800? Guess what? That question was in the test. Are you writing the tests? Ha ha ha¦¦I am so happy of my score. Now I am energized for any subject test¦.Thank you so much for everything.

K.R., 11th grader, Sharon, MA

Have been sending my 11 year old son to Tangi for one year. Wow. What an incredible difference. He told me last week, “Servet teaches us in one class what would take three weeks to learn at school.” (Servet is the school’s president and also a highly gifted teacher. She is one of a handful of teachers that have tutored him at Tangi.)

Bottom line: We were looking for a tutor/school that could really challenge my very smart but somewhat unmotivated child. He is easily distracted in class and tends to get lost in the hub-bub of kids—particularly those who act up and demand lots of teacher attention. At Tangi, he gets one-on-one or small group attention that is customized to his skills. He has made incredible gains in the first year and I plan to continue sending him to Tangi for many years. Also helps that he loves attending. Tangi boosts his self-confidence and has made him very excited about math and science as a career.

Clare M., Parent of a 7th grader, Belmont, MA

“We are very much satisfied about all the lessons my kids received at Tangi. We certainly give A+

Parents of a 12th grader, Lexington, MA

Tangi Learning Center has helped my son with subject level tutoring in math for two years, as well as SAT test prep. His confidence and performance in school have greatly improved. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the teachers is passed along and he is happy to attend every session. Dr. Yatin and her dedicated staff truly make a positive difference.

Jim T., Parent of Belmont High School Junior, Belmont, MA

“Great news! I got 760 on SAT Chemistry. My score was only 610 on the December test. In just a month, my score had amazingly increased by 150 points! Thank you so much for your great help!”

Anita, 12th grader, Newton, MA

I did it! Thank you for encouraging me for the honors class. This A is more than a letter grade for me. With your help I am more confident now. You are the best.

Donna S., 10th grade, Cambridge, MA

Dr. Yatin, I am writing to say thank you for everything! Although this was all a difficult process since I am a stubborn girl, you have helped me get into my top universities. I could not have done it without your hard work. J ¦I am so thankful that my decision comes down to two very respectable places.

So, basically, what I am trying to say is Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S.M., 12th grade, Lexington, MA

Bio 740 and Math I 800! My mom thinks you are awesome and I think you are SAT angel (lol). Thank you so much.

Kara, 12th grader, Home Schooled, MA

Everyone knows about the SATs. Programs that guarantee improvement are everywhere. It is extremely important to find the right place. I’ve always believed that and would not hesitate to have my daughter to try several different programs in order to find that right place. We first tried going to all the generic, national brand tutoring programs, but it just wasn’t right. My daughter needed something that would acknowledge her many strengths, and challenge her, but also focus on her weaknesses as well. After several tutors, programs, and summer camps, I was introduced to Tangi by a friend who was already a client. After the first session it seemed to ‘click’. My daughter was getting more out of one hour at Tangi than a whole week elsewhere. Dr. Yatin, the center’s founder, is a smart, focused, and amazing woman who really knows how to not only challenge children, but also encourage and inspire them. She knows the SAT system, inside and out. The teachers at the center are also just as amazing as its founder. The results are stunning, and I would not hesitate to recommend Tangi or continue to send my daughter to it.

Parent, 12th grader , Nashua, NH

“I got 730 in CR, 770 in Math, and 740 in Writing. Thank you for your great teaching. You are the best!”

R.K., 11th grade, Burlington, MA

The prep work for the SAT’s was amazing. Instruction was extremely personalized and the professors were really knowledgeable about the test. They provided me with many tips and tricks to understand how to best succeed on the test.

S.D. College Student, from Belmont, MA, Admitted to top choice college

The excellent SAT and ACT classes boosted my respective scores. However, what really sets Tangi apart is their phenomenal in depth college essay tutoring. Their tutors are very easy to work with and have provided me with the guidance to write an essay that I firmly believe is the core reason I was able to accepted to my top college.

P.J. College Student, from Sharon, MA, Admitted to top choice college

XXX had a great experience at Tangi, had great director and teachers who supported her not only academically but also mentally, they increased her confidence, found her weaknesses and addressed appropriately. We can not thank them enough!

A.Y. Parent of a College Student, from Milton, MA, Admitted to top choice college

Tangi helped me immensely on improving my SAT score. Without Tangi I would be completely lost for the new SAT since it came out exact same year I was going to take it.

T.M. College Student, from Winchester, MA, Admitted to top choice college

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